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Venice High School is in the process of going through some major renovations. The first step was completed this year and gave all rooms air conditioning, central heating and a new school wide communication security and fire alarm system.

The second phase, which is about to start this year, is to remove and replace the student store and covered eating area.

The third phase (Comprehensive Modernization Project) is much more involved, will take at least six years and cost about 7.3 million dollars. The group has already had some community meetings to describe the project with many more planned. The project is removing many bungalows, removing the two current gyms and making one large gym, adding a new building where the current faculty parking lot is on Venice Blvd, adding a new parking lot where the softball field is now and removing the three shop buildings and making one new one. If you want to know more about this project please let me know.

As you read in the last edition of the Acclaim, the Career Day at Venice High was quite successful this year. Next year we will continue this tradition, but the emphasis will be changed slightly. I am asking those of you who have some slots available at your place of work, for a summer intern or full time work, to come and talk about your work place. Take a look at the article about this new direction.

Please read the article about how our new Hall of Fame is coming along. We are looking forward to the big celebration in about a year from now.

I did not get any response from my request for some of you to become “class reporters”. I would still like to hear from more of you to tell us about what you and your classmates are up to.

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Grant Francis
Alumni President






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We’re loyal to you Venice High School, to thee we will always be true…