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Venice High School Alumni Association is a membership organization created to help members work together for the education and common good of both Venice High School and its graduates.


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Hello Gondos,

Happy New Year! Hope you are enjoying the holidays with your loved ones.

This year we are looking forward to many more activities and changes.
This spring, there will be a big event to celebrate the re-opening of the VHS auditorium. We will be hosting more community meetings, team awards, class reunions, craft fairs and teacher activities. Come join us. We welcome all volunteers.

The Acclaim newsletter will be changing to become more ecologically conscious by reducing paper waste. We are going to 3 Acclaims a year. We will be sending out monthly E-Blasts for more updated information or you can check out our website.

The Alumni House is open the second Saturday of the month. We love seeing you and reminiscing with you about your high school stories and adventures with your friends.

Please stay safe, healthy and connected with your family and friends.

As always,

“Rowing not Drifting.”

Norma Nunez-Mascarenas (‘75)
Venice High School Alumni Association, President.








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We’re loyal to you Venice High School, to thee we will always be true…