What is ‘Jackets of Excellence’

"Jackets of Excellence" is an award to recognize Venice students who have demonstrated the best attributes of a Gondo.


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On February 2nd fifty-seven top Venice High Students were awarded the coveted Jacket of Excellence at a special luncheon joined by the Venice Chamber of Commerce and the Alumni Association. Since 1984 student scholars have been recognized by qualifying with a constant 3.75 GPA. Financial support comes from donations from the Chamber of Commerce, retired and current faculty and the Alumni Association.

Bud Jacobs, Venice High School principal when the program first began, was asked what the program means to him. He said, “JOE was the first opportunity the school took to celebrate our scholars the same way we celebrated our athletes. The Jacket became a real status symbol for academic students to go on to college and represent VHS in a favorable way. The program also gives the community a chance to recognize the school’s strong academic program.”

It’s important to recognize great effort and achievement in life – and these students exemplify that.

Invest in our community's future today!
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