Alumni Award Past Honorees

The Venice High School Alumni Association would like to thank the many hard working and dedicated people that help to make Venice High School and the surrounding area successful. Here is a list of those dedicated people!


 Congratulation’s and Thank You for your Service!


1963 - Allene Gates McClelland, ThomasMcCarthy and Maxwell Willens

1964 - Betty Miller, Harry Von Zell and Joe I. Walling

1965 - Walter Cunningham, O.H.P. King, Clara Swanson and Telford Work

1966 - Harold Luebke, Lawrence Drumm, and Cliff Borland

1967 - Craig Breedlove (Bowman), Les Goodson and Stan Zundell

1968  - James Astle, Conrad Jamison and Ted Lennon

1969 - Tribute to all graduates fromVenice High that became educators

1970 - Ernest Champion

1971 - Emily Tompkins

1972 - Helen Rockoff

1973 - Les Goodson

1974 - G. O.Turney

1975 - Tribute to All Venice Lettermen

1976 - Michael Pomerantz and Jack Lennon

1977 - Ted Neima, George Rose, Lila Evertt Shanley and Emily Tompkins

1978 - Ted Cooke, Jimmy Lennon, Newt West and Stan Zundell

1979 - Lawrence Drumm, Edward Rafeedie and Tom Tolman

1980 - Neil Dingman, Lew Gravante and Pat Lennon

1981 - Frank Barrial, Larry Harrison, Clara Ramsey Hatfield and Eeva Wall

1982 - Dr. John German, Dan Valdivia and Helen (Delgado) Valdivia

1983 - Dixie Lee Chavez-Irvin, Glenn “Splinter” Farmer and Barbo Farmer

1984 - Hiroshi Fujisaki, Cherie (Jersey) Overholtzer and Pierce Weir

1985 - Phil Bentz and Raymond Darby

1986 - Stan Clark and Gary Collins

1987 - Al Dellinger and Grayson Turney

1988 - Linda Alvarez and David Diaz

1989 - Mark Aguilera and William Van Orden

1990 - Joe Belli and Jim Blackwood

1991 - Dudley Carlson and Jess Gamboa

1992 - Tom Blair and Dr. Andrea Natker

1993 - Cecil Casillas, Bill Fairbanks and Joe Zeronian

1994 - Barbara Carrasco, Robert A. Duron and Grant Francis

1995 - Tom Anderson, Gail Litvack and Steven Litvack

1996 - Clifton Alexander, Richard Erdman and John Horlow

1997 - Leonard Gottlieb, Charlotte Thomas,Herman Wong and Susan Wong

1998 - Raymond Gilbert Delgado, Jeff Dichter and Carol Lockett

1999 - Tammy L. Bird, Sharon F. Gebhart and Frank Sandoval

2000 - Laura Ferre, Bud Jacobs and Nadine Nixon

2001 - Kathy Blackwood, Lucile Cappas and Tony Chretin

2002 - Barry Hirsch, Don Howell and Douglas O’Brien

2003 - Eva Clark and Tina Complani Mullen

2004 - John Clayton, Jr., Delores Minor and Mike Peak

2005 - Sharon (Massey) Goodner, Vance Schaefer and John Weldon

2006 - Larry Adamson, Jeffrey Jennings and Amy Shimizu

2007 - Bryan Bechler, Samuel Ericsson and Julie Mann

2008 - Hortensia Amaro, Jan Davis and Jeffery Shimizu

2009 - Paul Belli, Phyllis Hayashibara and Cliff Warner

2010 - Gary George, Sylvia Villasenor and Harry W. Snyder

2011 - Angelo Gasca, Myra Einberg, Grant Francis, Carolyn, Renee & Nan Chorpash

2012 - Carol (Gaudiano) Maher, Beverly Ann (Fitch) McCarthy and Jordan Ehrenkranz

2013 - Avi Bernard, Gail (Swatman) Weageand Cheryl (Arnold) Moseley

2014  - Tom Anderson, Stella Throssel , Armando Diaz

2015 - Craig Ferre, Traci Nichols Thrasher, Ernie Soto

2016 - Tom Yoshikawa, Coach Vidal Sandoval

2017 - Kevin Berendt, John and Charlotte Brasfield, Kirsten Farrell

2018 - Craig Jaffe, Jasmine Jaffe and Margo Oku

2019 - David and Rosi Kent, Donna Lasman, Nonny de la Peña - Link





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We’re loyal to you Venice High School, to thee we will always be true…