Venice High Alumni Association Awards

This page is dedicated to the many hard working Alumni that have contributed greatly to the success of Venice High School, The Alumni Association and the community.


Presented for Your Review and Consideration


The Alumni Association has two awards that can be given each year at the Awards Luncheon in November.

The Distinguished Alumni Award (DAA) was established in 1963 to honor outstanding Venice High School Alumni, Teachers/staff members. The nominees must have realized distinctive achievements in their personal life or in their chosen field(s) that includes such areas as: business, education, science, medicine, law, military, public service, community service, politics, entertainment, music, arts, athletics, philanthropy, religion or any other significant area of achievement. PAST HONOREES.

The Gondolier of the Year Award (GYA) was established 2011 to honor people who serve as role models to students by their leadership, achievements and service to Venice High School the Alumni Association or the community. The nominees must have performed a service over a prolonged period of time or chaired an event of significant importance for the welfare of Venice High students the Alumni Association or the community. (PAST HONOREES).

The criteria and nomination forms for each of these awards can be found above or can be mailed to you upon request. Write to: Venice High Alumni 2435 Walgrove Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90066.

Nominations may be submitted all year long to the Alumni Awards coordinator, but no later than May 1st to qualify for this year's award.

Now it's up to you to nominate someone. Do you know of a classmate or a person who should receive one of these two distinguished awards?






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We’re loyal to you Venice High School, to thee we will always be true…