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Please take a few mintues to read and review the proposed By-Laws. After reviewing please contribute to our sucess by placing your very important vote! Thank You!


By-Laws and Voting


Earlier this year, the Board of Directors worked on the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws to assure that our corporate documents accurately reflect the current purpose and activities of the organization.

Venice High School Alumni Association incorporated in 1957. The original purpose of the organization was to maintain friendships among graduates and friends of Venice High School while supporting our school. While the organization still supports friendships, our reach has grown to also be able to primarily support the students, families, and programs of Venice High School.

The Board submitted the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws to our membership for a vote in February, and we need all Members to vote.

Here are the key changes that we submitted to the membership vote:

Legal Name: Venice High School Foundation

Purpose Statement: The specific and primary purpose for which this Corporation is organized is to provide materials, resources and support to           the students, families, graduates and programs at Venice High School.

Membership: Changing the membership description to “associate members”.

Financial Audits: eliminate the audit requirement, unless required by law.

Updating the name allows us to accurately recognize the organization’s charitable contributions to the Venice High School community. Additionally, updating the name and purpose statement will allow us to seek a property tax exemption for the organization’s current Alumni House, which will hopefully allow us to dedicate more funds to achieving our purpose. Updating the membership description will terminate the status and voting rights of all current members of the organization. However, this change will make all current members “associate members,” which will still have input into the organization. This change will also allow the Board of the Directors to timely and efficiently make decisions to best support the organization. The costs of financial audits are expensive and not legally required for the size of our organization. Our financial statements are already prepared by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and publicly reported to be in compliance with federal and state agencies. Thus, by updating the financial audit requirement to what is required.

 Below you can find the proposed revisions to the Articles of Incorporation or By-Laws for you to read and the ballot for you to fill out and email to:





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We’re loyal to you Venice High School, to thee we will always be true…